A technology services and training provider with a well-established 25-year track record.

A Pennsylvania State Private Licensed School offering a diploma in Industrial Fluid Power.

A consultant for fluid power systems, providing our clients with possible solutions for equipment problems, methods for increasing hydraulic system efficiency and second opinions of fluid power systems designed by others.

A multi-disciplined technology training provider for American manufacturing facilities as well as companies world-wide.

A company that understands the learning needs of the American worker and develops technology training to support these needs.

A provider of innovative open enrollment technology training seminars at our school in Bethlehem, PA.

A provider of on-site System-Specific Training for our client's maintenance personnel on their fluid power equipment. We teach how their hydraulic powered equipment operates, its electrical controls and how to maintain and troubleshoot problems. We work with our customer's equipment schematics and parts lists. We are well versed with virtually all manufactured fluid power pumps and valves.

A provider of reality-based training and taught by an instructor staff that has worked in industry and has been trained on instructional techniques for the adult student/learner.

A builder of customized hydraulic and electrical training equipment for schools and industrial customers - real equipment set up for training - no toys!

Fully insured.

An American company that provides a service that is strategic to the economic future of America.