(Hydraulic) SRI – 4 days – Fluid power schematics are our roadmap for understanding how pressurized flow gets through all of the control valves from the pump to the hydraulic cylinder or the hydraulic motor. Schematics, if interpreted properly, ‘tell’ us a logical ‘story’ that, if we understand it, makes troubleshooting easier, faster and more logical. SRI is presented emphasizing the story (what the circuit does), the technology (valve and circuit function) and the efficiency of the system (how well the circuit uses fluid power). This training course is based on real hydraulic systems using schematics. This training course has been developed to provide an understandable process for the students to use when they return to their job.

Prerequisite: IHP or equivalent and work in an industrial maintenance position.

2022 SCHEDULE: Looking to offer SRI in the 3rd Quarter of 2022. Please email enroll@amthydraulics.com to be placed upon the course notification list.

Tuition: $1,775.00 includes all training materials, breakfast items, morning and afternoon refreshments, complete lunch.

Payment – all major credit cards, cash or company check, PO with 30 day net terms

For more information or check on enrollment availability, call 800-597-6577 or email enroll@amthydraulics.com

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