This training course is Step 2 of AMT’s PA State recognized INDUSTRIAL FLUID POWER (IFP) Program [see link below for Program information].

5 days – Understand industrial hydraulic principles and the way hydraulic equipment/systems are used. This is a comprehensive 2nd level (second step) in our students’ development as competent hydraulics maintenance persons and plant engineering personnel tasked with maintaining and troubleshooting fluid power equipment. Maintenance personnel continue their development of the principles of industrial hydraulics technology including additional concepts for fluid pressure, flow, and power. Continuing with the application of force, area, pressure, fluid flow rate, actuator speed, hydraulic power and hydraulic system heat production, students develop their understanding of how hydraulic powered and controlled machines work efficiently and with good control. Students will be introduced to fundamental hydraulic control automation. This control automation uses programmable logic controllers (PLCs) that are the “front end” of the hydraulic axis operation. Also, this course introduces the operation and application of electro-proportional hydraulic pressure and directional control valves with signals generated from a PLC. Students develop understanding of 12 hydraulic circuits most often used in hydraulic systems and they develop their ability to read hydraulic schematics. This training course is approximately 50% classroom and 50% hands-on hydraulic lab work including a brief programming example demonstration using PLC equipment.

* This training course qualifies for AMT’s Industrial Fluid Power (IFP) Program. Enrollment in the Program is optional and without additional cost. Program enrollment must occur during GSH course. Student evaluation at the end of the training course.

Click here for information on AMT’s Industrial Fluid Power (IFP) Program.

1. Working in an industrial manufacturing facility, no other prerequisite required if not participating in AMT’s IFP Program.

2. If participating in AMT’s IFP Program – satisfactory completion of the GSH course.
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Tuition: $1,875.00 includes all training materials, breakfast items, morning and afternoon refreshments, complete lunch and special graduation dinner.

  • Special Note: May 13 course is Monday through Thursday, 8AM-5:30PM each day.

Payment – all major credit cards, cash or company check, PO with 30-day net terms.

For more information or check on enrollment availability, call 800-597-6577 or email

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