Industrial Control Electricity (ICE) – 5 days – 1st level electrical training course – 5 days – This training course is designed for maintenance technicians that have responsibility for all aspects of machine and process operation. For these multi-task maintenance personnel, this is an excellent 1st level for electrical training. ICE begins with understanding the relationship of voltage, current and resistance. This relationship is reinforced with the understanding and proper use of a DMM (digital multi-meter). Students are trained to understand safe electrical operating practices. Students learn the function and operation of push buttons and selector switches of various configurations, EM stop PB’s, fundamental motor control equipment and motor control circuits, transformers, DC power supplies, rectifier (diodes), resistors, variable resistors, rheostats, capacitors, inductors, photo eyes, PNP & NPN proximity detectors, time delay relays, contactors and GP relays.

This course provides training for both DC and AC electrical principles. Students learn the principles of single phase and three phase AC power as used with transformers and induction motors. Many lab exercises using the electrical devices referenced here are integrated into this training course. Students learn the electrical symbols for all electrical control components and they develop their ability to read and interpret ladder logic electrical schematics. This training course finale is an introduction to PLC’s and HMI’s with these devices installed on-board the electrical training equipment. This course provides a high level electrical knowledge and understanding in a short period of time. We have successfully used this training for a major US railroad’s maintenance personnel. This training course is based on the accepted standards of the electrical trade and selected elements of the National Electric Code. Our electrical training equipment was designed and built using real electrical apparatus and reinforces the curriculum.

Prerequisite: Students should have exposure to electrical controlled machinery as used in industry – all are welcome.

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2022 SCHEDULE: Looking to offer ICE in late 2nd Quarter of 2022. Please email to be place upon the course notification list.

Tuition: $1,875.00 includes all training materials, breakfast items, lunch, and morning and afternoon refreshments.

Payment – all major credit cards, cash or company check, PO with 30 day net terms

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