New for 2024 – TWO 4-day seminars The ICE course has been upgraded in 2023 to increase the student’s understanding of electrical principles with more lab exercises, more lab questions for students to answer, and more basic electrical circuit calculations.


Our 1st-level electrical training course is designed for multi-task maintenance technicians that have responsibility for all aspects of machine and process operation.  ICE begins with an introduction to safe electrical operating practices and moves onto understanding the relationship of voltage, current, and resistance.  Electrical principles and concepts will be blended with lab exercises, integrating common industrial electrical components (push buttons, selector switches, DC power supplies, and more) to better your understanding of this technology by course completion.


Both AC and DC electrical principles will be discussed, as will the principles of single phase and three phase AC power as used with transformers and induction motors.  Students will learn the symbols for all electrical control components and develop their ability to read and interpret ladder logic electrical schematics.  Developing a thorough understanding of how to use a digital multimeter, and interpret its reading, is one of the primary goals of this program.


Electricity is a sophisticated technology that takes substantial time and effort to master.  “Every journey begins with a single step”, and it’s not different with learning electrical technology as it applies to industry.  This course has been updated to provide the student with a starter set of skills that:

  1. can be taken back to the workplace and immediately applied
  2. enables the student to build onto these ideas/principles to continue their electrical technology development into higher levels of understanding.


Due to the scope and depth we wish to cover, we have decided to present this course as a split, 2-stage course.  We believe this will provide the student with the time to internalize, not simply memorize, the content presented.  Attendance in both 4-day sessions is required to complete the training course.


We have successfully used this training for a major US railroad’s maintenance personnel. This training course is based on the accepted standards of the electrical trade and selected elements of the National Electric Code. Our electrical training equipment was designed and built using real electrical apparatus and reinforces the curriculum.


Click here for a detailed topical outline.

Students should have exposure to electrical controlled machinery as used in industry – all are welcome.  Students must attend a Session #1 session prior to enrolling in a Session #2 session.

2025 Schedule: 
Course dates not assigned at this time

Tuition: $1,750.00/session: includes all training materials, breakfast items, lunch, and morning and afternoon refreshments.

Payment –
all major credit cards, cash or company check, company PO with 30-day net terms

For more information or to check on enrollment availability, call 800-597-6577 or email


Our pledge for everything we do and all our courses: Students that successfully complete our training courses will return to their workplace with real skills that they can use, and their company needs.  We hope you and your company will compare before you choose where you go for training.  Compare the instructor staff.  Compare the training equipment.  Compare the training environment in and out of the classroom.  Who can best provide you with the information you need to do your job?